Delivering Industry-leading Service

For over 20 years TBM has been respected for its commitment to its personalised, partnering approach with its clients and prides itself on quality services, reliability and its desire to exceed client expectations. TBM procures the very best and latest equipment available and ensures that the equipment is matched to the task at hand. To maximize the level of services to our clients, TBM has approved service providers, who maintain this equipment and ensure it is always in optimum working condition.

Commercial / Retail


TBM’s Management Team ensures that all services undertaken by the company take into consideration possible environmental impacts of such services.
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TBM continuously improves its efficiency within its service areas by staying up to date with changes in relevant industry technologies and methodologies.
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TBM’s policy is to ensure that all personnel are trained and experienced to the extent necessary to undertake their assigned responsibilities.
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TBM is committed to sustaining its principle and continuously strives to improve its systems and practices in an effort to better service its clients.
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TBM has utilised the services of a staff tracking system during its operations for contracts which benefit from this type of information.
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