Successful service companies must be able to meet industry challenges with practical solutions and operational zeal. TBM meets its challenges with its wide-ranging experience and eager work ethic, whilst mindful of keeping to a minimum the impact on client customers and public.

Being a forerunner in the service industry means continually striving to better itself. In keeping with this ethos, TBM has successfully completed quality assurance certifications since 2010. To help ensure quality compliance onsite, the company also introduced process intranet capabilities on its website at This capability enables management and supervisors in all locations to access the latest company forms, documents and policies as well as any other items which may become necessary to ensure contract compliance and client satisfaction.

We believe that having intranet capabilities increases the company’s efficiency, knowledge management and information dissemination. We further believe that it has become the company’s information powerhouse for effective, quick and easy-to-use “download” application for all management and staff.