TBM’s Commitment to Sustainability

TBM is committed to sustaining its principle and continuously strives to improve its systems and practices in an effort to better service its clients. From uniforms through to equipment, TBM constantly evolves itself in order to best meet the needs of its clients. By undertaking the initial step of quality assurance certification, TBM has demonstrated its financial commitment to ensuring sustainable growth in all aspects of its business.
As can be seen from company information outlined already, it has over a number of years striven to reduce its carbon imprint by using water efficient products and equipment, recycling as much as possible, using as many environmentally friendly products as clients permit, keeping vehicles and equipment at a high level of repair and if required, replacement, which all helps to reduce emissions and pollutants into the environment. For larger contracts, most equipment provided will be new or as new condition and have been selected to meet the high standards that is not only conducive to world class public venues but also protects the longevity of the clients’ assets.

TBM has been operating successfully for over 25 years and has a proven record of sound quality management coupled with strong growth and commitment towards its clients, employees and staff.