TBM generally procures and recruits employees capable of meeting the technical, skill, experience and educational requirements of TBM’s activities.

All staff and senior employees are responsible for recommending the training needs of others and for ensuring that all employees allocated specific tasks are suitably qualified and experienced to execute those tasks. Once training needs are identified, those training needs are provided under the responsibility of management.

Initially all staff are fully inducted and provided training prior to their commencement of duties. They are trained by qualified supervisors and managers and all receive a copy of the company’s Employee Induction Handbook. The Handbook outlines best practice in all tasks undertaken by staff.

Via the Staff Training Matrix, the company has implemented an Employee Development Program. TBM has recognised that the quality and performance of its staff is paramount to its desire to continually out-perform its competitors. This ongoing commitment has resulted in the development of the program which covers training for all staff from their initial induction to formal managerial programs for newly appointed managers.